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Essential Beauty

Slow Beauty

Relaxing Vitamin Facial

Enjoy a sense of wellbeing and relaxation with this effective treatment, using specific vitamins, essential oils or a serum chosen especially for your skin type. 60 mins


Deluxe Vitamin Facial

A relaxing vitamin facial with the addition of a hydrating and firming alginate mask. This relaxing treatment will allow you to unwind and recharge your batteries! 60 mins


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Eye Treatments

We use a low irritant eyelash tint and gentle hygeic disposable waxes for your comfort

Firming Treatment with DF

30 mins


Lash tint


Brow tint


Brow shape


Brow tidy


Lash and brow tint


Lash tint and brow shape


Brow shape and tint


Lash tint, brow tint and shape


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Waxing and Bleaching

With hygenic disposable waxes for sensitive skins

Half leg


Bikini to pant line


Extended bikini




Top lip




Top lip bleach




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Learn how to look your best everyday! Makeup lessons are one of our specialties and are tailored especially for you. Joanne is a Jane Iredale trained Mineral Makeup Therapist.

Makeup Lesson

60 mins


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Environ VitaminSkin Therapy

Skin Consultation

We diagnose and address any concerns, to ensure we achieve the best results possible and understand your skin’s unique needs. You receive a personalised treatment plan and homecare prescription. 60 mins


Cellular Stengthening DF Treatment

Specially designed to strengthen the immune system of the skin's cells, this treatment also desensitises. Ideal for irritated, fragile, thin, menopausal, rosacea and active acneic skins. 75 mins


Vitamin A&C DF Treatment

Hydrates, firms, increases collagen production and strengthens fragile capillaries. Ideal for stressed skins with high colour. Treats the effects of ageing, UV damage and scarring. 75 mins


Anti-Inflammation DF Treatment

Initiates rebuilding the integrity and strength of a sensitive irritated skin. 75 mins


Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Pigmented, sun-damaged and scarred skins will benefit from this unique Vitamin C infusion. It has a gentle peeling effect on the skin, increasing cell turnover and creating a clearer complexion. 75 mins


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Acne/Problem Skin DF Treatment

Uses a vitamin A infusion to stimulate the immune system, with antiseptic properties that act as a barrier to infection and bacteria. Accelerates the skin’s natural healing and regenerating process, LED included. 60 mins


Pigmentation Control DF Treatment

Melanin is a protective pigment causing our skin to darken with expsoure to UV rays, chemicals and also hormonal changes. Uses the new Mela-fade serum to initiate correction. 75 mins


Peptide Serum DF Treatment

Creates an overall improved skin appearance, softening fine lines, tightening lax skin, refining scarring and uneven skin texture, while also improving the skin's hydration. 75 mins


The Ultimate DF Treatment

Gentle peel or lactic hydrating treatment, then a vitamin infusion chosen specifically for your skin type. Suitable to be tailored to most skin types. Gives your skin radiance and the Ultimate Boost! 75 mins


Add High Strength Vitamin A and/or C to any DF Treatment

Optimum results for clients on AVST5+ homecare


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Speciality Skin Therapy
LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

LED light activates and promotes a positive change to the skin improving the overall texture of the skin, resulting in a healthier, more radiant appearance. 30 mins


Cool Peel or Lactic Peel

Supports the natural processes of the skin and combines advanced technologies to very gently peel and hydrate the skin, revealing a smoother, clearer, fresher, more youthful skin. 30 mins


Peel with Vitamin Infusion

A peel enables greater penetration of active vitamins with the Sonophoresis vitamin infusion. 45 mins


Peel with LED Light Therapy

The addition of LED Light Therapy and a specific serum enhances the results of your peel. 45 mins


The Power of Three - LED plus Peel plus Vitamin Infusion

Achieve wonderful results with this combination of three very effective modalities 60 mins


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Collagen Induction Therapy

Full Face & Neck

Micro channels are created with the fine needles of a Dermapen to trigger new collagen and elastin. Reduces wrinkles, increases elasticity and improves appearance of scars and pigmentation. 60 mins


CIT plus LED Light Therapy

Recommended to enhance your treatment 80 mins


Course of 6 CIT Treatments

To achieve real results a course of treatments is required

$1600.00 (pre-paid)

Course of 6 CIT Treatments with LED

Highly recommended for optimum results

$1800.00 (pre-paid)

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Gift Certificate Ideas

Beautiful Gift Vouchers for any Treatment or $ value

Beauty Essentials Delux

(Delux Facial & browshape) 70 mins


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Gift Certificate Ideas