Acne Treatment

Although acne is most commonly seen in the teenage years, we are now experiencing an increase in occurrence in adults.

We offer a range of acne treatments at our Christchurch Clinic and will be more than happy to help you. Below is some general information on the condition and what we can do to help you treat it.

Acne can be caused by:

  • Increased hormonal activity
  • Hereditary factors
  • Stress stimulating the production of androgens (male hormones)

This is not just a cosmetic disease.  Although it has no serious threat to a person’s physical health, it can have major psychological and social implications.  Sufferers may find it affects their self-esteem, relationships with family, friends, and even education and work.

How can acne be treated?

Fortunately, with the right advice and products, it is possible for the effects of acne to be reduced.  Once you have completed your initial skin health assessment, we determine which products and treatments will be best for you, and develop an individual skin improvement plan.  This requires regular, consistent, clinic treatments and a commitment to home care. 

An "Acne or Problem Skin Treatment" with the DF Machine will stimulate the skin's natural healing, combined with home use of recommended products from the Environ B-Active range, which is especially formulated to help problem skin.  This range of products respects the skin’s natural barrier function and moisture, and penetrates the sebaceous glands to normalise the overproduction of sebum,  while working to control the causes of acne. This is all done at our base in Mt Pleasant, Christchurch.

The treatment uses a vitamin A infusion to stimulate the immune system, with added antiseptic properties that act as a barrier to infection and bacteria.  This helps to accelerate the skin’s natural healing and regenerating process, and prepares the skin for the Environ B-Active home skin care range to work most effectively.

Duration: 30 mins $80.00
Duration: 75 mins $149.00

A gentle TCA Peel or course of peels will also be beneficial, and can be combined with the DF Treatment.

A TCA Peeling Treatment sterilises the bacteria in the skin.  It works by dissolving the bonds which hold dead skin cells together, and breaks down the excess dead skin cells in blocked follicles.  This treatment also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and repairs damaged cells, and enhances the results of the DF Treatment. 

Duration: 30 mins $75.00
with a Df Treatment $35.00

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What Treatments Will I Have?

To ensure we get the best results possible, we conduct a comprehensive skin analysis to determine the cause of the condition. This enables us to prescribe the most effective treatment solution to suit your expectations, lifestyle and budget.

An initial analysis to determine the causes and thus the best treatment of your acne takes one hour and costs $75.

Book an appointment with Joanne on 384-5910 and find your solution now.

How long will it take?

This question is very difficult to answer, as it varies hugely from person to person.  Sometimes we can get relatively quick results, other times it can take 3-6 months or longer to see a good improvement. 

The important thing during this time is that you are working towards a solution, and that by following the plan resulting from your comprehensive skin analysis you will be able to reduce your acne with continued care. You must put in the effort in order to see results. 

Should we not be achieving the results we expect, we will refer you for hormonal tests.