Skin Therapy

We specialise in Professional Skin Treatment Therapy for the correction of a variety of skin conditions.

To ensure we get the best results possible, we conduct a comprehensive skin analysis to determine the cause of the condition. This enables us to prescribe the most effective treatment solution.

An advanced skin analysis is a detailed and informative consultation, which will determine the skin’s condition with accuracy.

An Advanced Skin Analysis includes:

  • Visual diagnosis
  • Measurement of hydration and lipid levels using diagnostic equipment

It also involves a detailed consultation regarding your:

  • Diet and general health
  • Work / play / lifestyle
  • Medical conditions and history
  • Medication and vitamin supplements
  • Allergies
  • Cosmetic and beauty therapy treatment history
  • Current skincare and makeup routine

Your advanced beauty therapist skin analysis will determine:

  • Appropriate product list for your particular skin type or concern
  • A personalised homecare prescription
  • A personalised salon treatment program for correction of any skin concerns

Please allow one hour for your consultation.  The cost is $75.00