Pigmentation Control

The melanin in our bodies gives our skin and hair their colour.  It is a protective pigment causing our skin to darken when we are exposed to sunlight. 

Pigmentation may also be caused by hormonal changes relating to:

  • the contraceptive pill
  • pregnancy
  • menopause

and from exposure to chemicals (eg citrus cleaning products, perfumes) followed by sun exposure.

Environ Evenescence range

The Environ Evenescence range has products designed to help treat:

  • blotchy pigmentation
  • photo-damage
  • discolouration marks
  • sun damage, fine lines and superficial blood vessels

The result is the skin regains optimum health and has a radiant glow. These products contain high levels of Vitamins A and C and will be recommended according to your skin type.

The Environ Evenescence range contains Niacinamide and Sepiwhite, two very powerful active ingredients to help control the formation and dispersion of melanin, which is responsible for creating dark blemish marks and an uneven skin tone.

For pigmentation problems we will work with you to develop an individual skin improvement plan.  This requires regular consistent clinic treatments and a commitment to home care.

Evenescence DF Treatment

We have found that the skin can achieve a reduction in the colour of pigmentation marks and uneven skin tone using the DF machine's Evenescence treatment.  This skin treatment helps control the formation and dispersion of melanin which is responsible for creating pigmentation.

Duration: 75mins $149.00