A pedicure is a refreshing pick-me-up for tired and busy feet. 
Our pedicures nourish the skin, improve circulation, and condition your nails.

Spa Pedicure (60 mins) $70.00
Begin the experience with an aromatic foot spa, fragrant foot scrub, nail shape, cuticle work and rough skin removal.  Enjoy a divine foot massage, and have your nails polished with the colour of your choice.

Heavenly Feet (75 mins) $90.00
Just as the name implies, this is truly heaven, especially suitable for those with dry feet.  Begin with an aromatic foot spa, fragrant foot scrub, dry skin removal, a foot massage, toenails shaped,  filed and polished.  Then add a luxurious paraffin wax dip to soothe, soften and hydrate your feet and ankles.  You will be walking on air after more than an hour of pampering.  

Callus Peel (30 mins) $52.00 (or with Pedicure add $37.00)
Our callus peel treatment is a blade-free treatment that removes the thickened skin on the heels and soles of the feet, creating a more supple skin and removing or reducing the tendency and occurrence of cracks. Callus peel breaks down and removes the dead skin without irritation or pain.

For more information see  Callus Peel Pedicures for cracked heels and soles.

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