At Beauty Essentials we take care of your beauty and relaxation needs with specialised, considerate, and attentive service. Allow us to help make you feel special.

We offer eye treatments that go beyond, and yet still include, the standard brow and lash tinting and shaping - we also offer advanced technology that reduces wrinkles around the eyes.

Many people have asked us to help teach them to apply their own makeup.  This has lead to the creation of our individualised makeup lessons.  If you want to look your best everyday - we can help you learn how.

Special events can bring a lot of excitement as well as a little stress.  Let us help ease that stress, with a relaxing break just before your event to handle your beauty needs, making you not only feel more relaxed, but also look your best - bringing out the most of our confidence.

You can stop shaving and have finer, softer and more sparse hair with regular waxing.  We offer a large range of beauty waxing options from legs to upper lips.

Whatever your beauty needs, call Joanne, a professional beauty therapist for a skin consultation in our beautiful location on Christchurch's Port Hills.