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We offer a wide range of skin health treatments and knowing where to start can, at first, be a little overwhelming. 

While all the segments of our business extend into all of the others, and none of them really could stand alone, they can generally be considered to be in three categories:


Beauty is important in our confidence, our happiness and how we interact with other people.  This in turn leads to better health.  We offer a wide range of beauty therapy ranging from waxing to eye treatments, to Pedicures, including .  Treatments in this section are often given as gifts. Check out this section for more beauty solutions for your individual skin health needs.

Natural Therapy

Natural therapy reduces stress, which in turn increases health, relaxation and confidence.  Treatments in the natural therapy section are often given as gift  and are as enjoyable as they are good for you.  In this section you will find  Reiki and Bach flower remedies

Skin Health

Skin health in turn creates an appearance of enhanced beauty and deep relaxation.  Here you will find the solutions to skin issues or conditions you may have, from the signs of ageing, to the ongoing discomfort of acne or rosacea, to the pain of cracked heals.  To determine the treatment plan that best suits your skin type and conditions, everything in this section starts with an advanced skin analysis session.